Işıklar Ambalaj foundation was laid in 1972 in Bartın with investment of annual 70 million sack/year capacity Standard kraft sack production facility.
Second facility was founded in 1982 in Konya/Çumra with 160 million sack/year capacity. Işıklar Ambalaj continues production operations in Çumra factory with 300 million sack/year capacity W&H machine park.
Isiklar Ambalaj is the first international company to invest in a greenfield cement sack factory in   Arbil, Northern Iraq through her subsidiary Isiklar Paper Sack Ltd. Isiklar Paper Sack Ltd. Arbil factory will start production in February 2013 with an initial installed capacity of 80 million sacks per year with plans to triple that capacity over the next 3 years to serve the entire Iraqi Cement industry.
  Işıklar Ambalaj Çumra factory has invested in a W&H Astraflex printing pressing 2008 giving us possibility to print upto 8+1 colors.
 Efforts, which started for Food Security in 1999 by receiving CERTIFICATE FOR PRODUCTION OF MATERIALS WHICH TOUCH WITH FOOD, resulted in a clean, sterile, suitable to laws and conditions and modern food sack production line by directing our investments due to our sensitiveness about the issue.
Our customers prefer working with us as a solution partner.

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